Things to consider: Site alteration or fill by-laws establish the parameters for site alteration activities in a municipality and typically include the requirement for a permit to be obtained before beginning most types of site alteration activities. The requirement for permits allows municipalities to have greater control and oversight into the management of excess soil within their jurisdiction and allows for review prior to soil movement.

To facilitate the municipality’s review and control, by-laws generally contain a detailed list of requirements for submission with the permit application. Some municipalities have developed supplementary guidance documents for site alteration and fill by-laws that provide reasoning and background to the by-law, as well as further details on the process for applying for a Permit.

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville has developed Guideline for Application for a Site Alteration and Fill Permit as per By-law 2014-101-RE that was prepared to assist Permit applicants understand the requirements of the municipality’s site alteration by-law.

Specific issues related to permitting are addressed on the other Issues pages of this website.